March 26, 2018


As promised today the introduction of Team Minamo!

The coaches:

Mizoe san, head coach, number 30

Kitchi, assistent coach, number 31

Makiko, team manager

The catchers:

Hira, number 10, captain (number 10 is the captains number) 

Mao, number 25, the shortest catcher, and very nice

Hana, number 15, the youngest catche...

March 18, 2018


Another week full of experiences and getting a bit of a taste of the pro season. 

We played 10 games since I wrote the last blog and we are going up and down. We beat the number four of last years season, but then also lost to a university team. But overall making progress I would say!

I got to pitch in 3 gam...

March 8, 2018


And again a different week from what I was expecting, I guess I should stop expecting…?! Or just stay fit…?!

The tournament stared off exciting with a crazy game against Toyota and then a pretty good game versus SG Holdings, both teams from the top league. After the games we got to watch a part of the game o...

February 18, 2018


Two weeks have passed already, with no off days and another 10 days of camp I did not find the time/energy to write a blog. BUT… Here I am, back in Ogaki, typing from my own bed in my own apartment near the softball field!

After the last blog the battery camp finished and the team camp started. Sunday night...

February 4, 2018


A bit more than a week after arrival and we already spent over 40 hours practicing. Welcome to Japanese Softball!

I definitely got rid of the jetlag by getting up at 6.30am and going to bed by 10.00 pm, but getting enough sleep was a challenge this week. And that showed… Thursday afternoon my body said stop...

January 28, 2018


The first blog from Japan, and I don’t even know where to start, so let’s just go by order and see how that goes.

Thursday afternoon, after drinking coffee and eating Dutch apple pie with my parents it was time to say goodbye for the next 4,5 months. An 11 hour flight from Amsterdam to Osaka… I have to say,...

January 22, 2018

And boom, there it is! The last few days in the Netherlands are here…. aaaaaand of course,,, I am excited to get on that plane. Oh wait, not to get on the plane. I am excited about getting to Japan and play some softball!!

Since I will be in Japan when I write my next blog, I will go ahead and tell you what the first f...

January 15, 2018

Seven practices, a clinic, seven games and then two more practices... that’s what happened since the last blog. And yes, I am tired now! Luckily tomorrow at 7.30am we get to go again…? One of my biggest struggles, my mind always likes softball even more than my body does. 

It sort of makes me crazy, but it might also b...

January 8, 2018

The new softball year has officially started jeeh, five practices into the new year already…! Which also means it is now only 2,5 weeks until departure for Japan.

My suitcases came out of storage and I started putting together the first necessities for the approximately 4 months stay in Ogaki.

Living in Japan as a forei...

January 1, 2018

Hi everyone,

The best wishes for 2018 and a Happy New Year!

The first blog of this new year, a year that is obviously going to be different than the previous year. In my case most of the year will happen overseas in Japan. As I leave in about 3 weeks from now I am getting ready for my departure. Along with arranging the...

December 17, 2017

Hi everyone,

Two weeks have passed so it is time for a new pitching blog. After the basics, as promised, I will write about some more advanced parts of pitching. And like I mentioned last week: the blogs go into more advanced information, please be aware of your own level, age, experience and take whatever you think yo...

December 3, 2017

After the first blog about the basics of pitching this time I will explain the exercise I showed you and we move along to the actual pitch. As this blog is written online and I can't see you try out the exercises I need to tell you which details to look for in general. Make sure you realize you might be doing things r...

November 19, 2017

Before I start talking about pitching I have some very exciting news. If you follow my facebook page you probably already know. Last week I signed a contract with Ogaki Minamo in Japan. I will leave the Netherlands by the end of January to join the team and prepare for the 2018 season. Of course I will continue my blo...

November 5, 2017

Hi everyone,

November has started and as promised I would be back with a winter blog. As of Wednesday the National Team Program for 2018 has officially started. The first five practices are done now, only 7 weeks and 49 practices to go until Christmas and then the real 2018 starts! About 50 bonus practices for the new...

September 30, 2017

After the play-off blog from last week it is time for the final update of the 2017 season in Dutch Softball. 

Who won what?

Quick won the promotion series vs. HCAW on Saturday and then Gophers on Sunday morning to claim their spot in the Silver League of 2018. Which means HCAW will be playing in the 1st klasse next year...

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